Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Assignment


Psalm 110
Genesis 14
Hebrews 7
BST pages 125-130
Friday, May 29, 2009

The Heat Is On

We have a problem with our car's air conditioning system...two of the vents will randomly turn to heat requiring me to close the vents. Nothing is less refreshing than having hot air blown in your face on a hot, humid day! Does this make me want to park the car and walk? No, but it certainly temps me to complain and wish I had a different vehicle to drive.

I'm struck this morning with how this relates to our journey on Route 66. If we were literally traveling this road, there are segments that go directly through miles of hot, dry desert. If the air isn't working the trip is still possible, just not nearly as comfortable.

How is your journey progressing? Do you feel uncomfortable? Irritable? like hot air is blowing in your face? Be encouraged! This is part of the journey and is not because you are not making progress. We can be tempted to believe that when things are going well and are easy then we're certainly in God's will. But this isn't biblical thinking! God takes us through all sorts of terrain and weather extremes to prove the motives behind our journey.

Remember the moment you sensed God calling to follow Route 66 this year. Ask Him to remind you of the purpose and the goal of this journey and for His help in continuing to move forward. The desert can't last forever, and we never know when an oasis of refreshment will be just around the next bend. We don't want to miss that do we?
Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Assignment

Read Hebrews 6:9-20
Read Bible Speaks Today, pages 117-124
Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Assignment

We're up to speed again with the Hebrews Study plan. What a purposeful break it has been - hearing C.J. Mahaney and Dave Harvey speak at Metro successive weeks was wonderful. If you missed hearing them - click on their names above to access the audio messages.

Read Hebrews 5:11-6:8
Read The Bible Speaks Today, pages 103-116

Our further study assignment is to begin reading, Apostasy From The Gospel, by John Owen. Below is what the back cover has to say about this helpful book:

Few subjects have received less attention from contemporary Christian writers than that of apostasy. The idea that professing Christians may prove not to be true Christians is, in many respects, too serious a prospect for our facile age. But, for John Owen, such avoidance of the issue was itself a pressing reason for writing on it at length and in great depth of spiritual analysis. His exposition is a masterpiece of penetration and discernment.
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post Card #7 - Are We There Yet?

We have all heard this question asked on road trips - either by your children, recently, or by yourself when you were the impatient child in the back seat. In either case it makes the journey quite stressful.

Last week I posted about unwelcome hitchhikers, namely sin, that tries to hijack our journey. This week it's the critic within that makes our journey miserable with questions like these, "Are you still behind? Have you not caught up yet? When will you ever find time to do all this reading?" What are we to do in such times? It's not like we can kick ourselves out of the car so we can travel in peace!

The answer is as simple as choosing to whom we'll listen. If you're behind - it's okay - this isn't a race. If you're lacking the time you need, then pray and ask God to multiply what time you do have. It's prayers like these that give us the grace we need to keep pressing forward, even if it's only an inch at a time. After all the journey is about getting to know Him, and the critic within would rather do anything but know God more.

Next time you hear the question, "Are we there yet?" You can say with confidence, "No, but I'll get there soon enough! Now, sit back and enjoy the ride!"

P.S. John Owen's book, Apostasy, is available at Metro's bookstore for $6. We'll start reading it next week with the "further study". Make sure you get your copy on Sunday, or order it online.
Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Since this week's message is focusing on Mother's Day, we will be delaying our Hebrews Study plan for another week. This week I encourage you to purchase the next "further study" book for the following two weeks. It's by John Owen titled, Apostasy From The Gospel.

Father, I pray for each person traveling Route 66 this year. Thank you for giving them the desire to follow hard after You. Would You help them stay focused and motivated in their daily pursuit of You. We realize that any effort we make to know and love You is only because Your love has drawn us to do so. What an amazing God You are. Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your church. Thank You for a biblically sound church that helps us grow and mature. May we not give up if we've fallen behind. I pray that You will give us ears to hear...minds to understand...and a heart that cares.

In Jesus' precious name - Amen!
Monday, May 04, 2009

Postcard #6 - Traveling Companions

I realized this morning that I have unknowingly picked up a hitchhiker who isn't a welcomed traveling companion. His name is Anger, and he has been dwelling in my sinful heart - undetected - that is until now.

Three, no four times this weekend my anger welled up towards my husband over stupid things. And what's worse is the fact that once Anger made his presence known - I actually listened to his reasons for traveling with me! Thank God for His Word that helps me to see those hitchhikers that would enter my car, attempting to hijack my journey.

Sin is an ever present obstacle that we must watch out for and repent of when detected. Our Savior is the only traveling companion we need! He will make sure we stay the course and finish the trip. Thankfully, it's Christ alone who can take away those hitchhikers and provide safety in our travels, but we must recognize sins presence in order to repent. When you think about it, the whole purpose of this trip is to travel the ancient road in order to see sin more clearly. In light of this truth, I guess my trip is succeeding!

I encourage you with the following from Mr. Spurgeon:
Have you seen Jesus lately?
"But they did not know who He was." Luke 24:16
The disciples ought to have recognized Jesus, they had heard His voice so often, and gazed upon that marred face so frequently, that it is amazing that they did not know Him. Yet is it not so with you also? Have you seen Jesus lately? You have been to His table--and you have not met Him there. You are in a dark trouble, and though He plainly says, "It is I--do not be afraid," yet you do not recognize Him. Alas! our eyes are blinded! We know His voice; we have looked into His face; we have leaned our head upon His bosom--and yet, though Christ is very near us, we are saying, "O that I knew where I might find Him!"

We should know Jesus, for we have the Scriptures to reflect His image. Yet how frequently we open that precious book--and have no glimpse of our Well-beloved! Dear child of God, are you in that state? Jesus walks through the glades of Scripture, and desires to commune with His people. Yet you are in the garden of Scripture--but cannot see Him, though He is always there!

Make it your prayer, "Lord, open my eyes--that I may see my Savior present with me!" It is a blessed thing to desire to see Him. But oh! it is better far to gaze upon Him! To those who seek Him--He is kind; but to those who find Him--He is precious beyond expression!

NOTE: Next week our Hebrews study returns. Use this week to catch up or finish Grow In Grace, by Sinclair Ferguson. Enjoy the Journey!