Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time for a Movie?

Families who traveled Route 66 would often pass Drive In Movie Theaters. It was a chance to take a break and enjoy time together as a family under the stars.

Today, I offer you the opportunity to pull off the road and watch this amazing "movie" on the wonderful subject of God's Sovereignty. You'll meet John Farese - who has lived with a severe disability, yet finds great joy and comfort from the Bible. I was amazed at how he shares example after example from God's Word to tell his story!

You may not feel you have time to watch - may I encourage you not to be like the Father who wants to keep on traveling without stopping for a break? We all need a moment to be inspired on the side of the road; I believe this 7 minute movie will do more than inspire you, it will add fuel to your tank allowing you to go farther on this road than you expected!

So, find a parking spot, clip the speaker to your window, turn up the volume and be freshly amazed at God's Sovereignty in all things!