Sunday, January 24, 2010

On The Road Again...

...and this time feels so different. Maybe it's because I am sensing all the more my deep need to hear God speak to me from His Word. He is faithful, and amazingly speaks in a way that we can hear Him. What a God we serve - who not only makes a way for us, but then walks beside us making sure we are not alone. I heard this song today and was so encouraged by it, I had to pass it along to you.

Won't you join me by taking a moment to be with Him, and make this song your prayer for 2010?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blowing In The Wind

It is January 3rd and I haven't heard from most of you what your plans are for the New Year. Please let me know if you would like to be included in Route 66 - 2010. Reading God's Word can seem like a difficult task when viewed over the whole year, and I will admit it is hard, but so worthwhile!

The Lord gave me a picture in my devotions on New Year's Eve that I would like to share with you. From my journal:

My time with you each morning is precious. You are the lifeline to all that really matters. Gently You tug and pull allowing me to come to You. And You never let go! Eternity will reveal how tightly You've held me, even when I didn't realize it. Thank You!

So, as I look to a new year and plan what my devotions will look like, I know I will finish reading the Old Testament, and I want to read the New Testament this year as well. But Father, I must ask You, "What would you have me do?" I know You are able and willing to interrupt my reading plans; You did that this year! I want to know You more in 2010. I want to have the truths of Your Word take deeper root into my conscience, changing how I think and live.

I want to lead the Route 66 Club into this same fertile ground. Your Word is a book of seeds; Each time it is opened there is a scattering of seeds blown across my heart. Route 66 on my first trip through the Bible was a dry and barren road. Now there are flowers and trees that are familiar mile markers to me. I remember different verses and how they've impacted me. It is a pleasant journey that I love sharing with others. But each one's road looks different. Help those who are part of Route 66 to enjoy this year's seed scattering allowing them to reap the beauty in the years to come.

In Your Name I pray,