Friday, January 30, 2009

Bigger Than It Appears

I'll never forget the first time Tom and I had the chance to go to the Northwest. We were on a plane and the pilot told us that we would be passing Mt. Rainier and to be watching out our windows for the spectacular view. There were other mountains below, and I kept that it? Is that it? Until we actually saw it! I had no idea how large and beautiful Mt. Rainier was! What I was looking for was small and unimpressive compared to what this grand mountain was in reality.

How often do I treat God and His Word in the same way? I have expectations that are small in comparison to who God really is. This morning as I read through Genesis about Jacob with his two wives, Rachel and Leah, and all their jealousies, deceit and lies, I realized that God used these women - despite their ungodly competition to bring about God's promises. This is our God. He is bigger and more glorious than I know, and He uses us despite our sinful hearts to display His glory for a watching world. This is why we travel together on Route 66. While we're looking through the window of His Word we never know when His glory will fill our eyes in a way we never expected! And we will gasp in awe at how big our God is.

May His glory fill your window!
Thursday, January 29, 2009

Further Study Resources - Available

It looks like our cars are going to be well stocked for this year's journey. Lisa Chin has provided the following list along with the availability at Metro's Bookstore. I pray you are experiencing much joy as you travel this ribbon of highway! By the way, I've

January-March 1
For further study:
Days 1-7—The Glory of Christ by John Owen, Puritan paperbacks - BOOKSTORE AS OF
Day 5—Worldliness by CJ Mahaney; editor – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

March 8th & 15th
For further Study:
Days 8-10—The Enemy Within by Kris Lungaard – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

March 29th-April 19th
For further study:
Days 13-14—Grow in Grace by Sinclair Ferguson (chapters 1 and 2) – ORDER PENDING

April 26th-May 3rd
For further study:
Days 15-16—Apostasy from the Gospel by John Owen – ORDER PENDING

May 17th-July 5th
For further study:
Days 19-25—The Cross of Christ by John Stott – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

July 19th-August 16th
For further study:
Days 26-31—Living the Cross Centered Life by CJ Mahaney – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009
Days 31-32—The Holiness of God by RC Sproul – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

August 23rd-September 27th
For further study:
Days 32-37—Future Grace by John Piper – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

October 4th-October 31st
For further study:
Days 38-42—Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009

Other resources:
Death by Love by Mark Driscoll – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009
Spiritual Depression by D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009
When Darkness Will Not Lift by John Piper – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009
Trusting God by Jerry Bridges – BOOKSTORE AS OF 1/2009
Hebrews by John Calvin – ORDER PENDING
Sunday, January 25, 2009

And We're Off!

Greetings Travelers!

I will begin to post each Sunday night with the assignment for the following week's study plan. We will be reading the assignment that follows the Sunday message, giving us time to reflect on what was preached. I believe this will be more beneficial rather than reading ahead before the message. Of course you are free to do as you see best. After all we are each in our own vehicles - not a group tour bus! For this I'm grateful! Please notice that I've added a link to the left sidebar to Metro Life Church. This is to help those who missed the Sunday service or who live out of the area to listen to the Sunday message. It will usually be available by Tuesday each week.

So to be on the same page (literally) we will complete Day 1, 2 and 3 before next Sunday.

Day 1 Bible Speaks Today, pages 13-20

Day 2 Bible Speaks Today, pages 20-26

Day 3 Hebrews 1; Bible Speaks Today, pages 27-35; Coincides with Sunday message from January 25, 2009

For Further Study (optional) The Glory Of Christ, by John Owen, Puritan Books

Please feel free to post questions, insights, struggles, helpful tips, etc. to this post. I know it will add so much to

our journey. Make sure you take time to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hebrews Study Plan Available!

Thanks to Benny Phillips, we have a personalized road map for our journey through Hebrews this year. There are three ways to use this plan:

  1. Read it daily for 46 days
  2. Read three days a week lasting 4 months
  3. Read one day a week lasting until the end of November
All who have signed up for the Study plan received this road map in their Inbox via e-mail today. If you would like to have a copy, simply comment to this post and I will send it to you.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Trip Underway

Welcome to Route 66! This is the third year our club has traveled together on this amazing road. Some make it to the end, but others for various reasons, end up stopping along the way. Whatever happens the most important thing is daily reading God's Word in order to know Him and His ways.

This blog has been established as a "Diner" of sorts where we can gather to share stories, encouragements, sights worth seeing and most of all refreshment. So, visit often by signing up to the left. You will be notified as new posts are made. We hope our Route 66 Diner will become one of your favorite places to visit.